Netillah Wash Cup


100% Pure Copper and Classic.  Embrace the Natural.

Take the mitzvah of Netillah to the next level with our 100% Pure Copper Netillah cup and begin to fulfill the mitzvah with an ultimate level of happiness and purity.


While there are other copper netillah cups on the market, many of those cups are simply copper plated or lined with gloss on the inside of the cup. This prevents the actual raw copper from touching water which nullifies the entire reasoning behind using a copper cup for netillah.

Netillah is a 100% pure copper cup with gloss only placed on the outer surface of the cup. The inside of the cup is raw copper. While copper tarnishes, it’s simple to remove by taking a piece of lemon dipping it in kosher salt and rubbing it on the inside of the cup.

Over the past decades, Netillah cups have been made with very inexpensive materials.  As a result, the pure copper cup has been forgotten.

Wrapped in a custom gift box.

Corporate customization available for additional fee.  Please contact for details.

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