Growing up in a small town on the east coast had it's perks.  A quaint community, where elegance was coupled with personality, "Mom-and-Pop" shops lined the center of town, and a community that was always willing to lend a helping hand. 

Like many adults, I look back on my childhood and wonder if I truly appreciated the values this type of community can inspire.  Specifically, the appreciation of people and the love of country that allows us to live so well within it.

With a move to Arizona, career in luxury retail, and a growing family, it became clear those values were becoming increasingly absent in today's culture and I realized a void needed to be filled.  An attempt to quiet the noise that surrounds us, and build resources in a rapidly growing community.

Gifted Bamidbar represents the personal touch that seems to be lacking in so much of our lives.  Proudly supporting small businesses and artisans all over the globe and helping Individuals and businesses reconnect without the mass market noise. 

Let's work together and refine the world one gift at a time.