Personalized Packing Cubes


Comes in gold, stacked letters.

Up to 2 letters max. No Symbols.

English characters only.

Packing cubes help you organize and maximize space by compressing your clothes into individual bags.

This set includes four packing cubes, one shoe bag, and one laundry bag to keep dirty clothes separate.

Set of 6 packing cubes includes: 1x Extra-large cube: 17"l x 12"w x 4"h 1x Large cube: 13"l x 10.5"w 4"h 2x Small packing cubes: 8.5"l x 7"w x 4"h 1x Laundry bag: 12"w x 14"h 1x Shoe bag: 15"w x 9"h 100% polyester Imported.

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